The Fundamentals of a Purely Nutritious Life

A curated plan just for you...

A Purely Nutritious life is comprised of 5 key areas; mental clarity, hydration, intentional movement, nutrition, and gratitude. 

We will spend our initial session focusing on these key areas and developing a plan of action allowing you to build new routines that will ultimately be the foundation of your best self.

Program Details 

Fundamentals of a Purely Nutritious life Initial Session - average 90 minutes in length  

During this session we focus on the 5 key areas of a Purely Nutritious life and discuss the details of how each area could look in your life.  

  • Mental Clarity - learning to fill yourself up in ways that allow you to overflow into others  
  • Hydration - learning what proper hydration is and how it can impact all areas of your health  
  • Intentional Movement - changing your preception of exercise from a chore to an act of self care.  
  • Nutrition - learning how to nourish your body rather than deprive it or simply feed it.  
  • Gratitude - A life of gratitude is a life full of love and contentment 

The second phase of this program is a 5 day email series with worksheets that will allow you to work through each of the fundamental areas and build ideas around how to create habits around each of these.

The final phase of this program is a second session in which we will discuss your work over the past 5 days and create a master plan that is specific to you and your ultimate goals!

By the end of this program, you will know the steps to take in order to build the habits and routines that will lead to your best life, your own Purely Nutritious life.  




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